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New Year in Israel!

Yes, it is almost end of August today, but who cares? :) I was busy, indeed, but now - yes, it is finished! Enjoy! :)

Study mermaiding :)

Short stopover in a fairy Amsterdam

Malta: Faces of Autumn

Autumn in Malta is the time when, whenever you going to go, you should have sunglasses, umbrella, rubber boots and swimming suit - just in case!

Almaty: Little Trip to my Birth City

When you come to the place where you remember yourself as a child and where you've been last time 20 years ago, you can get quite a strange feelings. It is like a dream, where real, possible and unreal things merge all together. So please don't ask me what dried snakes might do near dried fruits, why the cow frolics in the Astronomical Observatory, and why the ladies decide that the place on the roadside just opposite the house of... You Know Who, is the best for a quick picnic. It is just a dreaming, is not it? :)

A couple of sketches of Maltese Summer

Should YOU go to the Central India?

Despite my wide travel experience, in India I passed through something exceptional. The magnificence of palaces and extreme poverty of huge part of inhabitants; stunning beauty of wildlife; artful design of history, culture, and religion of one of the most ancient and mysterious civilizations in the world... It is impossible to describe in a couple of words - better to see the film!

We had a private tour perfectly organized by ADI Voyages, and the "cultural shock" that a lot of people afraid about was reduced to a minimum: we had a spacious air conditioned car, 4-5 stars hotels, highly experienced driver and an amazing guide, Sujit Singh (, a wellspring of knowledge about every particular part of Indian life, culture, gods, food, and wilderness, both in present and in the past.

14 days of wild life in Amazonian Expedition

Can't forget my adventure in Amazonian rainforest I experienced a year ago. It is a little video story about the great forest and great people; now narrated.

07:19 25.01.16

Esala Mangalaya: Buddha Tooth Ceremonly in Sri Lanka

The hot August night, full of the mixture of smells of spices, sweets and garbage, is quickly covering the ancient city of Kandy. The streets are overcrowded with people: they stay, sit and lie - on the streets, lamps,  rubbish bins, on top of each other, on the roofs of the ramshackle houses. Sometimes the roofs fall under the weight of the people. We are also sitting on the chairs placed up one of the roofs at our own risk, and looking forward to what will happen next.

2015 in Travels

The most beautiful memories come from the travels. 2015 was rich of beautiful memories!

Merry Christmas!

My sincere Christmas greetings from the best Island in the world!

I wish everyone to love and be loved. It is not a secret that Love is the main driving force of life: I saw it in all places I've been to.

So my little video is about the forms and types of Love I observed during 2015.

Happy New Year!!!

22:12 29.11.15

The Lost World of Komodo

"There were the most extraordinary creatures that I have ever seen... In size they were enormous..They had slate-colored skin, which was scaled like a lizard's and shimmered where the sun shone upon it...I do not know how long we stayed motionless gazing at this marvelous spectacle."

(Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, 'The Lost World')

10:16 27.11.15

Underwater fairy tale

In October 2015 I found myself in my childhood fairy tale snorkelling near the small satellite islands of Flores, Indonesia.

Colourful Slovenia

Two weeks in Slovenia by car: fascintillating lakes, panoramic roads and the temple of the Kings of Mountain Spirits.

10:04 30.09.15

Austria by car. August-September 2015.

During a couple of last years, I mostly used to travel far away and forgot this feeling of serenity, beautiful and comfortable roads, clean streets and lovely architecture in Europe. But it is ravishing! 

10:30 30.07.15

Borneo and its inhabitants. September 2014.

This video story is about Borneo - the Northern part of Kalimantan island, one of the wildest places on Earth which is accessible by the ordinary travellers. The narration is currently in Russian - English coming soon.

Verona with Ludovico Einaudi

Namibia, Africa: slideshow

15:32 30.11.14

Komodo, Indonesia: the creatures of the Lost World

"There were the most extraordinary creatures that I have ever seen... 
In size they were enormous...
They had slate-colored skin, which was scaled like a lizard's and shimmered where the sun shone upon it...
I do not know how long we stayed motionless gazing at this marvelous spectacle."
(Arthur Conan Doyle,'The Lost World')

I'm inclined to think that Sir Arthur didn't know about five Indonesian islands -  Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar - otherwise he would relocate his "The Lost World" from Amazonia to Indonesia. Nowadays it is possible to visit just two of them - Komodo and Rinca. 

We came to Komodo from Labuan Bajo, so we had to start our journey at 5 AM and made four-hour-voyage to Komodo. But when we came there, it was already too heat to walk enough - both for us and for dragons.

If and when I'll go there next time, I will go to Rinca, not to Komodo, and will spend a night there - either in the hut of rangers or on the boat. 

At first, Rinca is much closer to Labuan Bajo (which is the closest place to dragon islands where one can come by flight). 

At second, in Rinca there are more chances to see the dragons not only near the ranger's house but also in the wild, especially walking at the sunrise time. 

Snorkeling near the small islands near Labuan Bajo was not less impressive than the meeting with dragons; the video about this is available here

I sincerely recommend this amazing experience to everyone who love the underwater world as one of the best snorkelling places in the world. 

I also liked Puri Sari Hotel where we used to stay: it is a safe and clean spot in such a rural place as Labuan Bajo is. Hotel Manager Jon helped us a lot in organising of our sailings to the closest islands and Komodo.

And here you can see a little video about the Komodo dragons! 

10:46 26.11.14

Alice in the Underwater World

When I was much younger than I'm now, a friend of my Dad came back from the official journey in some Arabic country. He brought a lot of things, most of which were not impressive for the five-year-old girl - some drinks, games, etc. But one thing grabbed my attention immediately: the shells and pieces of corals.

- 'They grow inside of the ocean' - explained he. 'One also might find there beautiful starfishes, colorful fishes, and even alive sea shells!'
- 'May I touch it?' - I asked, looking to the coral admiringly. I loved fairy-tales and believed in them, but, of course, I couldn't believe in the existence of alive sea shells.
- 'Sure! You can even keep it if you wish!'

For me, it was a princely gift. I was caressing this piece of coral,  twirling it, even tried to taste it. I was imaging the Ocean - the huge aquarium with the warm water and thousands of incredible creatures...

Later on, I've seen a lot of corals and numerous of underwater worlds. But only one of them revived my childish fairy tale: in October 2015 I found it exactly as in my dreams snorkelling near the small satellite islands of Flores, Indonesia.

Relax and enjoy! :)

Slovenija, Postojna Cave: The palace of noble Underground Divines

I don’t like caves very much. As my mum says, ‘anyway one day we all will be under the ground – so what is the reason to hurry?’ But Postojnska Jama is no ordinary cave.

You should go there if you want to see the lifestyle of the nobility spirits of the mountains, who certainly live in this 23-km-long underground castle.

The fairy-tale began when you take your place in the long open-roof train, and you totally emerged in a new reality in the main hall, from which you will make 1,5 km trail through the countless halls. Some of the halls recall Gothic or Hindu motives, other can’t be matched with anything human since from all the civilization history there was no such a genius who could create something similar.


10 years ago: Moscow-Murmansk-Moscow

As usual, March in Moscow was misty, chilly, and desperately depressive. Gray days started with late, uncomely sunrises, when the sun is covered by clouds so badly that one not having a watch can't understand if the daytime had been  already started or not. The days continued with onerous traffic jams on the dirty roads covered by muddy melting snow, and ended with moral and bodily fatigue, amplified by spring vitamin deficiency.

Where one, being immersed into such reality, would be dreaming to escape for a short holiday? Now it is difficult to believe, but in 2005 we decided to go to Murmansk – the extreme North Russian city situated within the Polar circle.

To continue, kindly see the sub-titles under the slide show below. 

Alexandra Christening

09:44 30.07.14

Chocolate museum 'Cacao Grounds'- the unexpected delight

Individual travel: Chocolate Museum, Bali
We have travelled to the Java ferry, which was a quite boring and tiring, and suddenly- the smell! The unmistakable smell of just prepared hot chocolate! Now I don’t remember who noticed the chocolate museum ‘Cocoa Grounds’ first, but this unique place was remarkable for every member of our company. And for the first time in life I got to know that chocolate- not cacao, but thick, hot black, milk, white chocolate- could be drunk with enjoyment even without sugar!


09:21 30.07.14

Lovina: the charm of non-touristic Bali

What would you think if you were to hear loud hiccuping under your bed in the mid of the night?
Individual travel, independent travellers, interesting places: Indonesia, Bali, Lovina, beaches in Bali.
After living for a while in the house somewhere in Bali, you are, after all, would feel grateful: gecko - a small and absolutely innocuous creature - had just decided to live in your house to protect you from mosquitos and the insects!
The sun is about to rise, and small Lovina starts to be filled with the screams of early cocks. Chicken fights is a popular activity all around the island and its one of the most favourite entertainment for locals: almost every family has one in the house.
With the sun appearance, lotuses start to blossom in the ponds near the house, after a long night sleep. People do the tribute to the home spirits- this everyday tradition involves every true Balinese person.
Individual travel, independent travellers, interesting places: Indonesia, Bali, Lovina, beaches in Bali.
Bali is the island of an amazing variety, and Lovina with the statue of a merry Dolphin on the central square is the place like no other on the island: the beaches are not full of tourists, like they near the Denpasar, neither it reminds of the south the cliffs on the south of the island, nor about wild, deserted shores in the districts near the ferry to Java.

Lovina is not positioned as the Balinese resort: it is a fishermen village with long, almost empty beaches - though sometimes covered with corrals or black, volcanic sand.

Fishermen’s boats- trimarans with bamboo runners; cozy and tasty cafes and restaurants; convenient road, which allows to reach any part of the Island; quite cheap villa for rent- what else is needed for a true leisure in a true place?